Colored Angora Goats
The colored angora goats at
Red Falcon Ranch produce
beautiful mohair in a range of
natural hues. We have black,
silver, gray, brown, red,
copper, apricot, and cream.

We incorporate AAGBA white
angoras into our colored
breeding program to continue
the tradition of producing
fine, colored mohair.

Our main focus is on
increasing the intensity of the
brown and red color. Most of
our goats are from the
"dominant" color group.

Our mohair is used for spinning, fiber crafts, santa beards, and reborn doll hair. When dyed, colored mohair
produces a heathered effect. The very darkest mohair produces a jewel tone. We shear our goats in March and

Our goat herd is negative for CL, CAE, and Johnes.

Red Falcon Ranch is a member of the Colored Angora Goat Breeder's Association (CAGBA). Angela is a Certified
Inspector with CAGBA.

Visitors are always welcome!